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Welcome to the largest network of Live Psychics on the web! Below, you can search our vast database of Psychics from around the world, choose the Intuitives that best suits you and experience a Live Psychic Reading through our state of the art, video chat system! Get to know our experts through our Free Psychic Chat before requesting a private reading. We feature experts in Tarot, Love & Relationship, Career, Dreams, Healing, Clairvoyance and much more. Give it a try... registration is free!


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Psychic readings can provide you with valuable, highly beneficial guidance for many of the problems you may be facing in your life. Whether you're struggling with financial woes, worried about your career, experiencing bad luck in your relationships, or simply feel lost and confused without quite knowing why, our skilled psychics are here to help.

A psychic reading by email offers you a detailed view of your life, and can help you to identify opportunities for healing and change. The direction offered by a professional psychic will allow you to escape ruts and destructive patterns, and set you on the path to a better life.

The advantages of psychic email readings

There are a number of benefits to receiving an email psychic reading. One of the positive aspects of this format is the increase in confidence toward the psychic's ability, whether conscious or unconscious.

Another advantage of psychic email readings is the time element. Most of us lead busy lives, and may not have a spare hour to devote fully to a psychic chat or phone reading. With an email reading, you can review the advice from the psychic at your leisure. You also have the benefit of a permanent record that you can refer back to whenever you'd like.

Request your psychic reading by email

The process of receiving your email reading is convenient and fast. Simply browse our directory of talented psychics, and choose the one you'd like to receive guidance from—you can read each of our psychic's profiles, including their names, specialties, and experiences, as well as reviews from other questioners.

Once you've selected a psychic, you can compose your questions and send them in, and you'll receive a psychic email reading, delivered directly to your inbox.


Members Testimonials

SPIRITVISION....WOW!! Lovely Lady, Calming voice, I didnt ask any questions she told me alot of positive things which i put to different things in my life!!! SpiritVision has made me feel more positive towards a big thing in my life. This lady ...
- by mam190809, GB
Life is amazing! Sharing one's thoughts is more powerful than some will ever realize. :)
- by melopmae, US
Most amazing reading with Spritvision. I felt completely under the weather today and now I feel like there's hope for better things to come. Trust me on this, she gives you an amazing feel good reading and doesn't leave anything out. I am seeing...
- by tash1921, QA
I just had a reading with Paolaknows she is very caring and very honest gave me answers to all my questions eased all my worrys and told me the truth on thing that i needed to hear not what i wanted to hear and i thank her for that she is a real...
- by cadesgirl, US
I experienced a live chat with Marieaitchisonn, she was very helpful, made everything clear to me, she is very nice, and easy to talk to, I would recommend her to anyone! :)
- by DOCHCO1, GB
I had several readings from Poet301, I want to thank You for finding such a talented PSYCHIC he is so spot on, exactly what ur website needs. More professionals like Poet301. I had reconnected with ppl I have lost and couldnt be happier with t...
- by Niwroc-D61, US
ASKISABEL is awesome! I am so grateful for her listening to me not just promoting her new adventures in life. Thanks to her my mind is at rest and clear. I am very appreciative for her and I recommend her fully!
I think your website is wonderful and Embrace 786 is a gifted psychic, he is Amazing! Thank you for such a wonderful website and providing a talented and gifted psychic who is also a lovely person.
- by Wendy17h, AU
Sunee is the best ever and she so beautiful she has plenty of wisdom!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love her laike!!!!
- by laike248, US

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