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The art and practice of fortune telling has existed for thousands of years. Talented seers have offered future predictions on many levels, from individual fortunes to future events that affect the world. In many cases, the accuracy of fortune telling has been proven—such as the famous predictions of Nostradamus.

This is a powerful and exciting field of psychic discipline that can offer many advantages to the questioner.

The tools of the fortune teller

The oldest and most familiar method of fortune telling is crystallomancy, which is the reading of a crystal ball. However, today's fortune tellers have a variety of methods and techniques available to divine the future and impart accurate predictions to you.

Disciplines such as astrology and numerology employ the amassed knowledge and known effects of existing forces and patterns in the universe. Numerology revolves around the significance of numbers, while astrology observes and interprets the heavens, with insights derived particularly from the moon and the constellations.

Some fortune tellers use spreads of various sets infused with energy and meaning. This may include runes, which are typically small stones inscribed with letters from ancient alphabets, or I Ching, which is a Chinese text and among the oldest oracles in the world.

Tarot readings are another popular form of fortune telling using energy-infused tools. The Tarot is a deck of 78 cards, each with significant meanings that have slight variances depending on the position of the cards in a Tarot spread and the proximity to other cards.

Fortune tellers may also use palmistry or traditional playing cards, or they may simply rely on their inherent, intuitive abilities to arrive at future predictions.

Enjoy a free future reading

We have many authentic psychics who specialize in fortune telling and the ability to predict your future. Click here to browse our directory and the profiles of our psychics, including their names, specialties, and experience.

Once you find a fortune teller that you'd like to speak with, you can contact us to start your free future reading, using your preferred format. We offer phone psychic readings, online chat room readings, and email predictions.


Members Testimonials

Great experience all round. My personal favorites are the Poet301 and Davincicode. But all psychics I consulted were very caring and delivered a great service.Thank you.
- by tash1921, QA
Most amazing reading with Spritvision. I felt completely under the weather today and now I feel like there's hope for better things to come. Trust me on this, she gives you an amazing feel good reading and doesn't leave anything out. I am seeing...
- by tash1921, QA
For when you need to connect with a loved one, Poet301 is your man! Thank you for the readings we've done so far. Its closure and knowing your loved ones might have passed but they're still guiding and protecting you.
- by tash1921, QA
I had several readings from Poet301, I want to thank You for finding such a talented PSYCHIC he is so spot on, exactly what ur website needs. More professionals like Poet301. I had reconnected with ppl I have lost and couldnt be happier with t...
- by Niwroc-D61, US
Poet and Julie, are the amazing!! and helped me out a lot... I love you guys...
- by Dandelion1240, CO
I was nervous and scared about my private reading however Cryptids allowed me to realise that. He was Still able to connect and highlight issues. I related to this connection and appreciated his way of interaction. He did not try to divert my re...
- by goddess11, GB
I think it's a great site! I have come to learn my gifts, and they grow stronger and stronger everyday.
- by Banghart77, US

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